Game Changer: Wii Fit sells 90 units per minute in U.K.

250_wii_fit_box_front.jpgThis really shouldn’t surprise anyone, but the Wii Fit is selling 90 units per minute in the UK store Woolworth’s.

“This is a revolution in computer gaming. For a game not targeted at gamers to sell in numbers like this is unheard of and is genuinely changing the market,” said Woolworths games trading manager Gerry Berkley.

I’ve got mine pre-ordered, and from the sounds of it several Infendo readers do as well. I see no reason why this peripheral won’t explode onto the scene in North America just has it done in the UK and Japan. A caveat, however, if I may. It will be interesting to see what happens with Wii Fit after the initial sales die down. Reggie vaguely promised that 10 games were in development for Wii Fit the Wii Balance Board. We’ll see if that’s true, and when.