EA takes crazy pills, ignores market trends

225_ea.JPGEA is apparently throwing us all a curve this morning, given the fact that executives only recently divided up the company and created a dedicated “casual games” division.

GamePro reports…

Several sources are reporting that an Electronic Arts representative has confirmed that its Xbox 360 games take priority over other systems as multi-platform titles near completion.

The representative allegedly added that EA regularly shifts its workforce to concentrate on getting Xbox 360 versions shipped first due to the consoles larger user base when compared to the PS3 and Wii.

Bwah?! It’s not biased in the least to say that EA is brain dead if they think they can ignore all the Wii owners out there today. It’s a number that will soon be more than the purported “larger user base” of the Xbox 360. For all intents and purposes the number is essentially equal already.

Part of me thinks this was lost in translation. What I think EA really said is it will continue to focus on Xbox 360 first, and PS3 second — for a variety of money-related reasons.

Makes me wonder if GamePro’s “several sources” were in fact Xbox fanboys on the Major Nelson official forums.