E3 Hands on – Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars

First thing first there are multiple control set ups for Tatsunoko vs Capcom, but I mainly played it with the Classic Controller and the Wii Arcade stick made by Hori.

Something to note is that it plays very similar to Marvel Vs Capcom, but is a little slower in action. The characters move a bit slower but are very detailed in those movements and motions.

Using Super moves are also very simple and is done by a power bar system. You need one full power bar to pull off a super move which is basically either pulled off by the generic quarter circle forward and two punches at the same time, or the opposite motion, you can also switch out the two punch buttons for kicks for other moves. When you reach 2 or 3 bars depending on the character you can pull of their Ultra Move which is basically the most spectacular combo attack you can see in the game. I was using Morrigan and pulled off this move where Lillith appeared on the other side of my enemy and mirrored all the moves Morrigan was pulling off for almost a 34 hit combo.


Super, and Ultra moves are pretty much how you win a fight in Tatsunoko as they are easily powered up by generic attacks you use, or by damage you receive.

The game also is really about the tag team action. You can quickly switch out your character or call your partner in to throw a special move or attack at the enemy you are fighting, and if you are really skilled enough switch out and do some devastating combos.

This game is truly an epic fighter that the Wii desperately needs, it’s not street fighter 4, but it’s truly one of the best fighting games the system will probably see in a long time.

Besides the fighting mode available in the game, there is also a shop, and mini game theater. Where you can play Mini games with characters you unlocked to gain money to buy more characters. However, the fastest way to gain money is to clear the game with characters. Which isn’t too hard to do but the games final boss will prove to be very difficult. Since it’s a traditional fighting game boss that has three different stages, that get increasingly difficult and harder to attack.

While talking to Seth Killian about the inclusion of Wifi and extra content, he says that they are looking into it. He commented though that if online does make it in they hope it to be better than Smash Bros in terms of connection quality, but nothing is set in stone at this time. They are also spending most of their time debugging the original Japanese code for a US release. Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars should come out around the end of the year.

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