E3 Hands on – Bakugan: Battle Brawlers

Bakugan: Battle Brawlers is the first video game based on the Bakugan animated series. Just like in the show players start off as an untrained Bakugan Brawler and must fight their way to the top of the heap. The game combines the drama and story of the animated series with the skill and strategy of the card game. So it will be easy for any player of Bakugan to become completely immersed in this unique title.

The game is all about the cards, you throw Bakugan cards onto the battlefield, and then try to carefully shoot your Bakugan balls onto the cards to collect them. This is done by selecting a Bakugan and using your touch screen to shoot them out of your Bakugan launcher. The goal is to get two Bakugans to stand on the same card, if you get your Bakugan to stand on a card your enemy owns, they transform into gigantic creatures and fight to the finish!

The story follows a new Bakugan brawler while he moves around the world of the animated series. He runs into familiar faces such as Dan and Shun, from the battle brawlers. As he progresses through the game he starts to get swept up into the real story of the animated series, and pretty much becomes are part of the show in a sense.

It’s an interesting title to say the least, since it’s the first video game title in the series.

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