What do you want to see at E3?

On Tuesday morning, Nintendo will detail all the new crap they plan to sell over the next year. For the rest of that week, Infendo staffers will be on hand to cover event. Two things we wanna know:

  1. What are you hoping Nintendo will show?
  2. What do you want us to cover the most?

Have a great weekend, everyone.


  1. I really want to see coverage of treyarch’s wii version of black ops with demo footage of multiplayer with wiispeak. And I want it to make me feel like canceling my xbox live account. forever. Oh and I want to see some hella tight 3DS action in action. If there was a way to combine the two that’d be great as well.

    My big prediction is that there will be a Yoshi announcement of some kind at E3. Every blog, website and magazine has been blathering on about yoshi or having some sort of Yoshi special or history. I know it’s because of Galaxy 2 and all, but I feel like Ninty’s been cooking something up and it may be a major title.

  2. I think that Zelda will be there, a new console Kirby game, A new 2D metroid for the DS, and they will show off even more Pokemon Black & White stuff.

  3. The new Zelda title and the 3DS are most important to me ;o). I really hope Black Ops for the Wii proves to be awesome as well.

  4. crap is an odd choice of words, i would have used super amazing mega awesome stuff of ultra doom. but thats just me.
    But now to answer your question, i reaaalllly hope for black and white info

  5. 3DS, Zelda, Starfox Wii, Mariokart Wii 2, SSB Brawl 2, and…well…Wii 2. And some kind of single player reaason to get Wii Party.

  6. Zelda

  7. 3ds, zelda, black ops cuz I want to see if wii can keep up with hd consoles, and i would REEEEAAAALLY want to see a decent online service for wii/ds…

  8. 3DS and Zelda of course!

  9. Zelda Wii. And 3Ds. Period.

  10. 1. I would like to see the 3Ds, (duh!) and the new Zelda title, (Even more duh!) and I would like to see the 3rd Professor Layton title and the 2nd Scribblenauts. :3 I loves those games!

  11. Zelda
    Other M
    Black and White
    Mario Kart 3DS
    Mario Sunshine 3DS
    Starfox 3DS
    Metroid Dread
    A Nintendo Online Account System that syncs your devices
    Luigi’s Mansion 2
    Mario Football
    Kid Icarus Wii

  12. 3DS, Zelda, along with everyone else, and I’m hoping that the big game last month’s Nintendo Power hinted at will be a true Starfox sequel.

  13. F-Zero wii and F-Zero wii.

  14. completely agree with CZsWorld.
    and add new super smash brothers.
    pikmin 3.

  15. I think Zelda is an obvious one. I’m not going to hold my breath but it’d be great to see an HD Wii and/or improved online capabilities to the system.

  16. Kid Icarus for Wii!

  17. A way for me to transfer all my DSiware purchases to my new 3DS. Maybe the “universal” account system could work: you sync your Club Nintendo user to your 3DS and as long as that user is the one in sync to the console you can download your past purchases. I’d even be willing to pay a small licensing fee (10 cents per game) to trasnfer them.

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