Duck Tales is Coming Back!



It’s official, my wishes have come true!  Officially announced at Capcom’s PAX East Panel, Duck Tales is coming back!

Duck Tales: Remastered is a remake of the classic 1989 game, and will be released this summer on Xbox Live, PSN, and the Wii U!  Sure, it is just a remake, but good sales might pave the way for a new installment.  Check out the trailer before, and share your thoughts!

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  1. Anyone that knows me or has heard it while playing online, my ringtone for the past four years has been the NES chiptune theme. This game was my childhood. I played it daily with my dad, as it was one of the games that he’d actually play aside from Golf and Mario 2. So when I heard rumors last year, I was excited. Now that it’s true, and I see the opening to the trailer and suddenly hear the theme song AND it tells me to sing along? I’ve got nostalgic tears of joy. AND it’s a remaster of the NES version! Oh man, this is perfect. AND Wayforward is making it? Freaking nerdgasm.

    A year ago, I hated CAPCOM with a passion. Region locking Monster Hunter, poorly handling the online, I swore I’d never play another game. Then they let Nintendo have the servers for MH3U and the online play will be cross-region, AND now they’re doing this?

    CAPCOM please, you’re going to make me fall in love with you too fast.

  2. Also, from playing the ever living snot out of the game, I’m pretty positive there are some new areas in this.

  3. I have to admit, I wrote this article before even watching the trailer…I was just too excited. I also played this game over and over and over again. Seeing Scrooge McDuck in Kingdom Hearts is always bittersweet, because it is always great seeing him in gaming form, yet sad that I could not play as him. Now…I am a happy man…

    The only bad thing about this is that I am trying to write a short story to submit to an upcoming anthology. News of Duck Tales has gotten me so off focus, that I am not sure that I can even go back to it right now. Maybe this evening or this weekend. I am only about 650 words into it, out of the minimum 2000, which couldn’t take long…but I need focus for that. Not to mention the focus I need for the other four short stories I need to write for possible publication. I had hoped to have them all done this weekend, ready for editing and rewrites…however, I am guessing I will be playing the NES ducktales instead…good thing the deadlines are not until june.

  4. Haha I know the feeling…all I can think about right now is how amazing this news is.

  5. This is the best announcement ever. I am just…so happy.

  6. Now I know why Miiverse has that five minute restriction lol…I just feel like going to every community and spreading the news.

    I just hope that they do The Moon justice. That was without a doubt the best song in an NES game.

  7. Oh man, can you imagine being at PAX when they showed this? The crowd must have been freaking livid. I hope someone caught video of the reactions.

  8. I have a friend at PAX, and when I can contact him, I will have to get him to give me a rundown. I hope he saw this announcement!

    I was right earlier…not a single addition to my short story has been added…sigh…but I did get a new post up on my blog, and added a few new fans to my facebook writing page…so at least something was accomplished…

  9. The Moon theme will be beautiful, it’s Capcom: They do music right. Time to add this the the ever increasing list of reasons I nag my fiancee that we need a WiiU.

  10. Am I the only one that was super excited when I read the headline, then instantly disappointed when I read the article only to realize the 3DS didn’t get shown any love.

  11. I’m a little sad that I cannot take Ducktales with me, but that pales in comparison to how happy I am to see this game being remade.

  12. Here is our official Duck Tales Forum Thread 🙂

  13. Awesome, I was a huge fan of the cartoon show years ago, coming home from school on the bus, flopping down on the couch with afternoon snack watching it as part of the Disney afternoon lineup. 🙂 ALso rented the NES game adn playing it religiously. though I never owned it. I did get the Gameboy version for Christmas one year though.

    Ok now, bring back an HD Chip and Dale rescue Rangers and Darkwing Duck. 🙂 PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  14. Matthew, I am with you on the Darkwing Duck front! I really enjoyed that game, and I even went as Darkwing for Halloween one year.

  15. Although, of the three Ducktales is my favorite, I would love to see a revival of Darkwing duck, and Rescue Rangers!

  16. Hallelujah! 😀 I just wish it would also be released for Wii and/or PC/Windows XP/7!

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