Dual thumbsticks are for the birds, Metroid Prime 3 delivers

Just got my mitts on Metroid Prime 3 this morning: in a word, engrossing. Prime 3 controls feel like butter. Having hated them before, I now officially loathe dual thumbsticks when it comes to console shooters. The Wii Remote works so well, I literally remain on the edge of my seat because the action is so engaging.

Story: It’s there, and the dialog is a nice addition (welcome to the spoken word, Nintendo), but the story caters more to the action than vice versa. Not too much talky-talky is a good thing in this case. Just the right amount story despite its lacking some originality (unlike BioShock). This really is a gamer’s game as it has you jumping in on the action right away with a nice balance of mini-tutorials to bring you up to speed early in the game.

Visuals: Even though Metroid Prime 3 falls short of 360 and PS3 graphics, you’ll know right away with this game that special care was given, not to mention more polish than just about any other recent game. It just looks beautiful. Best looking Wii game so far and very much appreciated. Presentation is also top-notch.

Gameplay: The best playing Metroid every created. Some purists may turn their nose at a near fully-powered Samus suit early in the game, but I love it (as I’m sure non-traditional Metroid gamers do to). You fire up the game, and “bam!” you’re in it. Nicely done, Retro. The increased accessibility makes it a more enjoyable game.

I’m only an hour in, but if it weren’t for this pesky thing called a livelihood, I’d be all over this game right now. I simply can’t wait to jump back in later tonight.

Let us know in comments what you think of the game assuming you’ve had a chance to play it.