DS Needs – PDA Software

DS LiteWhen I first saw the DS, I thought, “Big deal .. a Game Boy that works like a PDA.” Of course, now that it has caught on and I can’t wait to finally get my hands on one, I’m left thinking about something. Should the DS have a PDA application?

First off, it would be pretty simple to add a calendar with appointments, a full address book, and some sort of to-do checklist. Even voice memos could be added to the mix.

The trick is to get the thing synced up with something like Outlook or an online calendar. This could potentially be done wirelessly.

As for where to keep all of the data, if a DS gamecard wouldn’t hold enough information, an additional GBA cartridge for memory could be included. Better still, if Nintendo could put the software on a cartridge for the GBA slot that could still take advantage of the DS’s special features (touch screen, etc), you could easily leave the cartridge in your DS all the time.

Maybe this is an outdated idea now, with smart phones coming along and killing the PDA market. Then again, if it had the right features it could be a pretty cool way to mix business with pleasure.

What do you think, Infendo Nation?