Justify your game: Dead Space Extraction works a camera better than Steven Spielberg


A video game is only as good as its controls. And since on-rail shooters limit control (not to mention pacing), many gamers are quick to dismiss the genre. So why on earth would you want to play Dead Space Extraction’the latest in an increasing number of light-gun shooters for Wii’when the original game lets you roam free, in high definition even?

Extraction executive producer Steve Papoutsis says its all in the camera. “When we let people play the game, they hardly notice the change in controls, due to the impressive camera work,” he said in an email Wednesday. “They walk away saying it feels authentic.”

Furthermore, Papoutsis says anyone can enjoy Extraction, whether new to the series or returning for more. “Veteran Dead Space players will get to experience an all new story, and new players will get a great entry point into the franchise with quality visuals and great controls crafted specifically for the Nintendo Wii.”

Dead Space Extraction arrives Sept. 29 on Wii. The game is published by Electronic Arts, carries a mature rating, and retails for $50.