DS Is On a Japanese Cloud

As in high. Animal Crossing: Wild World stays at number 2 this past week in Japan, but it made sure the DS kept its bird’s eye view of all other systems.


1. Tales of Abyss PS2 405 000 / 405 000 New
2. Animal Crossing DS 184 000 / 761 000
3. Mario Kart DS 146 000 / 365 000
4. Final Fantasy IV GBM 97 000 / 97 000 New
5. Tamagotchi DS 92 000 / 565 000
6. Pokemon Dungeon Red GBA 85 000 / 356 000
7. Pokemon Dungeon Blue DS 80 000 / 354 000
8. Adult Brain training DS 57 000 / 911 000

9. Rogue Galaxy PS2 51 000 / 288 000
10. Brain training DS 48 000 / 773 000


DS 408,770
PSP 95,689
PS2 55,342
GBASP 19,098
GC 17,849
GBM 14,432
Xbox360 8,623
GBA 416
Xbox 182

[Source: DS-x2]


  1. It just proves how popular Ninendo is in Japan.

  2. Wait a sec wait a sec wait a sec. Everything (but the orignal Xbox an GBA) beat the 360 in the week after launch?

    Bruised and refused.

  3. 10 million DS sold worldwide before the 2006?

    It is looking that way. Sooooo….is the DS still a gimmick Nintendo just made to spite the PSP coming out?

  4. morning technically that means that Nintendo did it right. If it was to spite the PSP obviously it worked with flying colours. To be honest I cant handle 1 screen handhelds anymore, they just seem inferior now.

    I think the DS was called tier 3 mostly to save face incase it failed (much like Virtual Boy) but since it succeeded no reason to end the touch screenie goodness.

    I wonder if playing Revo will TRULY make playing old style seem outdated… I am actually thinking its possible. Touch screen is okay in some games, but sometimes I still play normally. On the other hand a second screen on a handheld device is so amazing, for either maps or anything it truly makes up for t he PSP have a larger screen.

  5. Nintendo is proving that gameplay and cheaper price is much better. Someone is still betting on PSP? It will be different in the next home console battle? I would bet in Nintendo.

  6. what i find funny on this list is that the gba sp once again outsold the gbm. one question: what do you think was the point of the gbm? from a businiess point of view why did they think it was a good idea?

  7. Well with the SP price point lowered, you can see why it’s selling even more now.

    The Micro was and is a way to test the water to the iPod generation. I have the special edition Famcom Micro and when I pulled it out of the box the first thing when i look at it’s shiny skin was, “iPod”.

    The Mirco isn’t there to outsell the SP, it’s there to compliment the SP…to get those who wouldn’t buy a SP because of it’s size and buy a Game Boy because they really don’t want a gaming device, but more of “fashion tech piece” that can play Mario or Tetris or some other puzzle game.

    It’s also a collector item….Wait till the Final Fantasy IV Micro comes out…

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