An Ominous New WiiWare Title

VampireA new wiiware title is in the works, and is being made by development studio Bloober Team. The title will be called Last Flight, and if the title didn’t give it away, it will be a horror game. In this game you will be fighting off hordes of Snakes Vampires in a plane flying over the pacific. To find out some more details about the characters and game play hit the jump. Oh and watch out for that vampire behind you.

From what the developer has released, there will be two playable characters. Larry Adelman, a 38 year old American on a flight to Europe. Larry, a food critic, writes books on world cuisine. He’s described as “short, chubby, and bald,” with a sharp tongue and macabre humor. The other is a mysterious Romanian girl who is only known as Anna.

The weapon of choice will be a blessed whip <cough>Castlevania</cough>, oh and a wooden stake. You will use the whip by “spasmatically” whipping the wiimote around, when you strike a vampire it will freeze in its place for a few seconds. Which would be the opportune time to stake it, and continue on with the game.

Although, you will be in an airplane the entire time, it apparently won’t be a very cramped plane. It has been noted that the plane is very huge to give the characters a chance to dodge and survive those deadly vampire attacks.

The game will apparently be released in Early 2009, anyone excited for this one?
[via LiveWii]

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