Nintendo should sell official ringtones


Is it just me, or is Nintendo missing out on some decent cash by not selling official ringtones and text message alert tones? Not to mention a complete lack of Nintendo game soundtracks over on iTunes, which is something Richard brought up last month.

I’m always surprised to walk into a board game store or Target and see cheapo RC cars for Mario Kart and other sketchy merchandise when they could actually do decent and still inexpensive job of putting out products other than video games. I’m pretty sure fans would buy them and it wouldn’t cheapen their brand image. Am I right folks?


  1. It’s a no brainer. However, they may be holding them back for a rainy day (i.e. Losing a billion dollars a year rainy day).

    They may have missed the boat, however. Dumb phones were probably the height of ringtones. Then again they could make a bundle on special notifications. Record all the big Nintendo properties doing customized notifications. No more Na’vi “Hey, Listen.” How about “Hey, Email”

  2. Sounds like music to my ears! lol

    Ringtones, I think it’d be a good idea, but since almost all phones let you easily set an mp3 as a ringtone.. would it really be purchased that much? :/ Idk.

    As far as iTunes soundtracks? Ya! I’d buy me up some Zelda, Mario soundtracks. Especially Wind Waker, gosh I loved that games music. Dragon Roost Island’s song was just awesome.

  3. I would love to have Bramble Blast from Smash or Rundas fight from Metroid Prime 3 as my ringtones.

  4. the super mario brothers theme is my ringtone. i also have banjo kazooie, the song from the end of portal, nyan cat, and super mario bros 2 theme

  5. There are some video game soundtracks on iTunes. No Nintendo ones, but soundtracks to Street Fighter IV, Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion, Devil May Cry and other similar ones.

  6. I think @baelnic is right–ringtones were cool about 10 years ago, but in the age of smartphones, they aren’t incredibly relevant. I mean, I can turn any song that I own into a ringtone in no time flat–recording from a game really isn’t that hard, and y’know…internet.

    I tried to think of something profitable and relevant that they hadn’t done, and I can’t do it, honestly. They have trading cards, t-shirts, posters, tons of plushies, figurines, manga, costumes, and a bunch of other stuff–go down the “boys” and video games sections at Toys ‘R’ Us!

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