Infendo Review – UNO

Mike, Steve and I bought UNO on a whim to play online together. We booted it up, waited about 2 minutes for the game to load, and proceeded to the online lobby. We were unable to make a friend lobby, so we created a public lobby and attempted to join up that way. Every time we failed we were met with a loading screen we had to force quit out of. We finally connected together after about 6 failed a...

Nintendo should sell official ringtones

Is it just me, or is Nintendo missing out on some decent cash by not selling official ringtones and text message alert tones? Not to mention a complete lack of Nintendo game soundtracks over on iTunes, which is something Richard brought up last month. I’m always surprised to walk into a board game store or Target and see cheapo RC cars for Mario Kart and other sketchy merchandise when they c...

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