Gamestop: March Revolution Pre-release has 5 listed Revolution games available for prerelease on March 1, 2006. Though their disclaimer says “content is based on the best available information on price, and release date” this is coming from a legitimate game source. They are using the term “pre-release” which in no way implies an actual release. But it couldn’t be too far off.

This does happen often in retail solely as a means to build hype and sell more product for the retailer. Still, it’s promising, so maybe an early summer release still is a possibility. Must…get…date…from…Nintendo.

[Source: Nintendo Revolution]


  1. if those were to be the launch titles it would be heaven. Plus maybe 2 or 3 thirdparty games.


  3. They’ve been around for a while now, note it says “ETA: 3/1/2006”. It’s just an estimation :(.

  4. Back in the day, I pre-ordered “Iron Sword”… and it took almost a year to finally ship…

  5. Especially when Zelda: TP comes out in April. Rev is after Zelda: TP. Oh by the way I have more specs supposedly from Atari.

  6. What specs? I know they’re supporting the Rev if that’s what u mean.

    June the earliest, friends.

  7. Hah, this launch would be insane… Impossible, just impossible. They just listed every anticipated game there was, I’m sure most of these aren’t even in production yet. And nothing would be worse than a rushed Zelda.

  8. Like cpu, memory, kind of graphics.

  9. hmmi hope these arent the prices though..whatever happened to nintendo making games cheaper than the copetition, with those prices theres no way this thing can be a “2nd consol”

    and the atari specs have been posted at nintendo centrum

  10. Specs from Atari? I’m taking that with a grain of salt for now.

  11. You can’t trust this sorry, but gamestop is natorious for hopefull, but totally BS pre release dates. I mean there original release date for LoZ TP was October 20 2004.

  12. Oh yea i saw the specs today. I have no reason to doubt em but i don’t care what they are.

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