Door to Phantomile gets NA Confirmation

According to the January issue of Nintendo power there is a four page article detailing everything there is to know about Klanoa Door to Phantomile. Hero of Legend on NeoGaf has detailed the information into a nice summary.

* Seems to have dropped Door to Phantomile and will just be called Klonoa.
* Spring 2009 release.
* Original design is being kept after massive support for it in the surveys
* NA exclusive gesture controls. B for grabbing enemies and flick the Wiimote to * throw them.
* Classic, Cube, and of course Sideways Wiimote controls confirmed.
* Klonoa 2 remake plans and sequel plans are mentioned.

Is anyone looking forward to this upgraded port of an old PS1 game? This game is starting to seem like one of those “must get games” for spring.

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