Dead Rising Chop til you Drop is already Dead

It seems that zombies are not the only problem that is an issue for the port of Dead Rising. According to the latest Nintendo Power it would appear there a many problems with the game, and a majority of game play elements have been changed. Chop til you Drop will now feature the following list of edits, as summarized by Kotaku.

Ӣ There are no time limits.
Ӣ Players are not restricted to a single save file.
Ӣ Main character Frank West can only carry one melee weapon at a time.
Ӣ There is more emphasis on firearms and collecting ammo.
Ӣ Frank cannot jump.
Ӣ There is no photography in the game anymore.

This game is now substantially different from the original Xbox360 game. So let me ask you guys this, Do you think this is going to be the new trend? Downgraded ports?

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