Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is out now! Can you convince a non-believer to buy it?

E3 2010: I saw the announcement trailer for Donkey Kong Country Returns and was ecstatic. I grew up mostly with Super Nintendo games, and Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2 were family favorites. I have fond memories of playing them, and they are fantastic games to this day. A come-back of the beloved series was a dream come true.

Until I actually played Returns.

I know the Wii revival is loved by many, but I got about as much enjoyment out of it as I would from…well, other games that I find un-enjoyable. You get the point. I’m not trying to tell you what DKCR is or isn’t: like many things, that is up to personal tastes, and I honestly respect whatever opinion you may have.

In terms of gameplay, control, music, and atmosphere, DKCR didn’t accomplish what I hoped it would: recapture the spirit of the originals. So I can’t believe Tropical Freeze would be any different. For those of you who are playing the new game, how are you enjoying it? And how might you convince this non-believer to get the game?

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