Didn’t Pre-Order The Wii U? You Still Have Time!

Over the weekend we received great feedback about the Wii U and your thoughts on the device.  We have some very passionate fans out there!  It was great to see the views from those of you that are on both sides of the fence.  I, for one, am very excited about the launch and cannot wait to get the deluxe bundle.

For those of you that decided to think about the purchase, there is still time but you had better hurry.  Best Buy, Toys R Us and Target have all reported that their pre-order stock is completely gone.  That applies to both the basic and deluxe package.  If the basic model is all you need, you might try Kmart, Sears and Game Stop, however none of them have the deluxe available.

Walmart claims to not only have both packages available, but they also have their own package.  The Solution Bundle is $400 for the basic version and $450 for the Deluxe.  It includes everything that you would receive everywhere else, but also adds a Wii Remote plus and a game.  If you buy Walmart’s exclusive bundle, you will save approximately $10.

I had expected the console to sell out, not only because it has Nintendo’s name on it, but because it looks to be a great console.  For me, the pricing is spot on.  In fact, if  you have listened to Infendo Radio, Eugen, Harrison, and I were pretty close to guessing the retail price and were only off of the package details by a little bit.

Nintendo fans are passionate, loyal, brutal and vicious when it comes to their brand.  In their eyes, nothing can touch it, yet they set expectations that are sometimes too high.  What amaze me is that, many times over Nintendo meets or exceeds those expectations.  Sometimes those expectations were met before we even expected them (Power glove motion controller, and microphone on the Famicom controller).

Did any of you that pre-ordered end up changing your mind and cancel the order?  What about those of you that were not going to pre-order, did you change your mind?  If so, why?

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