Confirmed: Black Wii arrives alongside new Wii Sports Resort/MotionPlus bundle


blackwiiBlack, white and bundled is the phrase of the moment at Nintendo these days, as the industry leading company prepares to offer a additional color and a new bundle to consumers shopping for a Wii later this month.

We knew about the black Wii, but today Nintendo tipped the Infendo mailbox with a press release that detailed a new Wii Sports Resort and MotionPlus bundle that will also feature the venerable Wii Sports. The price will remain $200, which is the same as the baseline Xbox 360, although that system, while respectable in its own right, lacks motion controls or a pack-in game (weird aside: I miss the days when pack-in games were the norm).

The $200 bundle, white or black, arrives May 9.


  1. Ah pack in games…. if there is a way to get you hooked – it’s the gateway drug that pack-in games are.

  2. I don’t know that it’s necessarily a bad thing there’s no motion controller for the 360….

    I wish I could state an opinion on Natal, but I’m under NDA to keep my mouth shut….

    And the 360 quite frequently is available with pack-in games. My Elite came with a two disk bundle in the box (mind you, both of those games sucked) in 2007. Such bundles are always available during peak retail seasons. The reason the Wii has to come with Wii Sports is that it’s basically a tutorial for learning the ropes of the unorthodox (although speedily becoming cliche) controller setup. With the 360 and PS3 being far more conventional console designs, they don’t really need a dedicated teaching tool to acquaint the players with their functionality.

  3. @Kale: Quite the contrary Kale: The Wiimote and Nunchuk make it easier for those that are lapsed gamers or new to the hobbie to quickly learn how to enjoy their new purchase. A controller with over 13 inputs isn’t easy to learn or understand.

    For $200 you get the Wiimote, Nunchuk and WM+ enabled controller along with Wii Sports and Wii Sports resort, a $250 value that will get many to purchase a console this sunday.

  4. Eden I could not agree with you more, the wii really does help gamers to pick up any wii game pretty quickly without any problems thanks to the nunchuk and wii remote. I think $200 is not badly priced though I am sure it will come down in a few months.

  5. I don’t see another price drop on the Wii until at least april 2011 in part due to all the games to be released from Nintendo and 3rd parties in the next few months. Anything could happen after E3 but unless Wii starts selling less than 300,000 a month in the US then a price drop isn’t coming.