Conduit wins six “Best of E3 2008” awards

Thanks in part to continued IGN leg-humping…

PRESS RELEASE — July 28, 2008 – High Voltage Software, developer of the highly anticipated first-person shooter The Conduit, has garnered acclaim and attention across the web.  In a limited showing throughout the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) Media and Business Summit, The Conduit has managed to earn accolades including:

- Best Wii Game of E3 (
- Best Wii Shooter of E3 (
- Best Graphics Technology on Wii (
- Honorable Mention for Real-Time Control on Wii (
- Best Wii Game of E3 (
- Top 20 Games of E3 (

The Conduit is planned for release in Q1 2009 and set to incorporate online multiplayer and some of the most polished and high-quality graphics shown on the Wii to date.

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