Bad news, multiplayer fans: The Conduit plays like you’re walking on honey


Don’t believe the hype.

I played The Conduit’s multiplayer mode this week at E3 and was underwhelmed to say the least. I don’t remember the single player mode moving this slow, but multiplayer plays as fast as Mario trudging through thick honey. Keep in mind, I cut my teeth on the ultra fast Unreal Tournament, but The Conduit moves noticeably slower than even Halo. It was a major buzz kill.

As much as I dislike saying this’given High Voltage’s enthusiasm, effort, and passion for developing on Wii’The Conduit is a generic first-person shooter. Save the world by killing aliens, you know. There is simply no hook here other than shiny graphics and “we’re the only game in town, so play us.”

It will likely satisfy Wii-only gamers hungry for a traditional shooter experience’which are few and far between on Wii’but it won’t leave them with a lasting impression. As Nintendo Power said in their forgiving review, “The Conduit doesn’t measure up to the Halos and Half-Lifes of the world.”