Bad news, multiplayer fans: The Conduit plays like you’re walking on honey



Don’t believe the hype.

I played The Conduit’s multiplayer mode this week at E3 and was underwhelmed to say the least. I don’t remember the single player mode moving this slow, but multiplayer plays as fast as Mario trudging through thick honey. Keep in mind, I cut my teeth on the ultra fast Unreal Tournament, but The Conduit moves noticeably slower than even Halo. It was a major buzz kill.

As much as I dislike saying this—given High Voltage’s enthusiasm, effort, and passion for developing on Wii—The Conduit is a generic first-person shooter. Save the world by killing aliens, you know. There is simply no hook here other than shiny graphics and “we’re the only game in town, so play us.”

It will likely satisfy Wii-only gamers hungry for a traditional shooter experience—which are few and far between on Wii—but it won’t leave them with a lasting impression. As Nintendo Power said in their forgiving review, “The Conduit doesn’t measure up to the Halos and Half-Lifes of the world.”


  1. Aw blast! And I really had my hopes up for this one as well. I guess it’s back to Unreal Tournament ’99 then.

  2. Noooooooo. The only reason I was gonna buy The Conduit over Red Steel 2 was for the multiplayer but if it’s lame I might have to pass.

  3. Eh, as long as it has good split-screen multiplayer, I’m in.

    I really couldn’t give a damn about online multiplayer. Multiplayer really only works if you’re playing with a real person instead of another faceless username.

  4. 4cr, a non-nintendo based website gave it glowing praise. Seeming that it differentiate itself from other shooters on other consoles. I don’t know if you’re right or wrong, but the majority of other people seemed quite impressed. I’m impressed merely on the accuracy of the pointer and controls.

  5. That’s ok, HV is relatively new on the radar, but I can see now why Nintendo decided to not publish this game. I wish the developer the best lucks in the future. I don’t see myself supporting this title.

  6. And I understand expressing your opinion, but stating such a bold attention-whoring statement as a title designed to ignite flames does not give you much credibility.

    It honestly seemed like you wanted more hits for the page because of your advertisers. Please state your opinion as an opinion, not a fact.

  7. Curses! I was really looking forward to The Conduit. Metroid Prime: Corruption really whet my appetite and showed what was possible for a FPS on the Wii. Using the Wiimote to look, aim, and shoot felt so natural.

    Along comes High Voltage. The promise a FPS built from the ground up – designed specifically for the Wii was a dream come true. Everybody else had their Halos and Half-Lifes. The Wii was going to get that, but with sweet motion controls. These guys sounded like they knew what they were doing. The hype surrounding this game has palatable for months.

    The game doesn’t come out until the end of the month, so there haven’t been many reviews floating around. I was eager hear any impressions of the game coming out of E3. Surprisingly, this is the first I’ve read about The Conduit in any E3 news. This is tragic news, to say the least. I’ll wait until later this month before passing judgment, but this doesn’t bode well.

  8. I’m still reserving judgment for this game, but I’ve been pretty skeptical of the game since the beginning. As an Xbox 360/Wii owner there’s nothing to get me excited about this FPS other than free online multiplayer.

  9. I’m going to hold off on saying anything about it until I purchase it.
    I didn’t get a chance to play the Multiplayer at PAX last year (because they were still working on it) – so I will see how it plays out for myself when I get it.

    @RPGeno – IIRC, there is no split-screen multiplayer. They are working on that for The Conduit 2, the lead developer told me.

  10. Isn’t almost every fps forgetable in the end? So can’t we have fun for awhile?

  11. Single player is slower than the multi. However, single player looks better than multi.

    Single player has a framerate of 30, whereas multi ranges between 30-60. It’s understandable.

    In single player, it’s all about the mission, the battle, etc. In multi, it’s all about fast paced action.

  12. I don’t care. I will buy it anyway.

  13. Ok, it’s not Halo. Is that bad? I mean, can’t I enjoy a more “mellow” FPS? I liked Timesplitters 2. Is this better or worse than that? Or how about Duke Nukem 3D. I was never into Unreal or Quake…

  14. Great, so it doesn’t play like two of the worst online multiplayer shooter I’ve had the dis-privilege to play. UT wishes it was Quake, instead of the same regurgitated crap year after year, “this time with more vehicles no one likes to drive!” And Halo… if it hadn’t been positioned as the must-have for the XBox, and released as a PC game like originally planned, it would be another in a long line of forgettable shooters. Give me Tribes, Quake, hell, even Counterstrike over those two pieces of drek.

    Of course, if it really moves that poorly compared to an Unreal Engine FPS, which have the worst player movement ever (unless you like ice skates), it’s going to be horrible. I’m willing to bet it’s not like that when launched.

  15. WOW It didn’t seem that slow to me and I play qauke still?

  16. Maybe you need to tweak your walk speed?

  17. It could be that the speed was tweaked…

    I mean, when IGN had the oportunity to go hands-on they had nothing but praise to the game… and so did everyone else. So it’s Blake agaisnt the world right now. I will wait and see.

    If it recieves an 8 from ign then I will buy it.

  18. And yea, like I said… so far it’s Blake against the world so if anyone there is dumping their hopes just for this, then you would be doing wrong. Give it time And let the reviews come. THEN we’ll see.

  19. I really don’t want to trust your word, Blake, because I recall your last post about Conduit and it was the most unprofessional thing you ever wrote. Sorry, this is just biased statements that felt like you were just blowing off steam.

  20. Yeah, what droop4 said.

    NP gave it a positive review when they got their hands on it the first few times, and they were impressed with the lack of lag on the online play. So maybe something was wrong when the game hit the E3 booth.

  21. Considering all FPS are generic shooters that wish to live up to Goldeneye, not much of a surprise. I’ll still pick it up most likely, if it’s good online at all it will be worth it.

    I can’t wait to see a developer get crash and try to think of something besides “save the world from aliens” storyline.

    Hint, hint – it won’t happen.

  22. @ altlantis

    what was it?

  23. I’m shocked so many people thought this game would turn out well. Fools.

  24. i’m fine with that, i won’t be playing online anyways so as long as it plays fine in single player mode i’m not affected. i’m still getting this one i don’t play well with others anyway 😉