More details on Sonic Unleashed

Sonic Unleashed

Craving every little bit of info you can get about Sega’s upcoming Sony the Hedgehog 2.5D platformer? So am I, actually. The idea of a really robust platformer for the little blue one has me waxing all nostalgic like about the 90’s. As a Nintendo owner back then, I only go to experience Sonic at friends’ houses. Sonic on the DS was cool in all, but for some reason this title feels like the watershed moment for Team Sonic.

“In our minds, this game will have more in common with the older Sonic Adventure series. It has no relation to Sonic the Hedgehog [the 360/PS3 game] or Sonic And The Secret Rings… We wanted Sonic fans to love Sonic even more. Also, for people who are not familiar with Sonic, we think that this will be a great way to introduce them to Sonic The Hedgehog.” — lead designer Yoshihisa Hashimoto

Fair enough. The video feeds have been impressive so far. I’ll be sure set the bar nice and low regardless.

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