Club Nintendo rains pins on Platinum members

Club Nintendo announced its awards for members who registered enough games this year to achieve Gold or Platinum status. It will come as a shock to no one that the Gold award is another calendar.

Platinum members can choose the calendar or a cute set of 25 Super Mario Brothers pins in a puzzle box case.

So, Club Nintendo participants, what do you think? Personally, as someone with little use for pins, I’m taking the calendar this year.


  1. omgomgomgogmogmgogm i want the pins, i only have gold status, wanna trade richard?

  2. Oh geez, Richard….are you serious? I can’t wait to get my pinz in the mail! It’ll be easy to wear the minimum of 15 pieces of flair now

  3. I have been gold status two years in a row. This is the first year I get the platinum thanks to the purchase of a 3DS!
    I’m really excited for the pins. Seems much better than the statue last year, or the hat from the year before (although the doc louis punchout game looked pretty cool!).
    The one thing I will miss next year, however, is not having my usual Club Nintendo Calendar sitting on my desk at work next year!
    I think you should get both awards if you reach platinum, instead of having to choose.

  4. Compared to the pretty cool statue from last year or the insanely cool hat from the first year, this is pretty lame.

  5. Stop hating on the buttons (pins have a post) Not are you getting 25, yes, 25 buttons but also the puzzle boxes they came in. Granted I still have my coin box but a puzzle is cooler and I can’t remember how the hat came.


  6. Buttons? …In my opinion, it’s not as good as the statue, but it is still pretty cool. 🙂

  7. @ shelldone:

    Sorry, shelldone, a family member got to me right after I posted and got dibs on the pins. Don’t give up hope, though; someone might put them on Ebay. Thanks for posting, though!

    @ kgb:

    Yeah, I know they’re buttons, but Nintendo’s calling them pins. When I first read the press release, I had visions of 25 actual character pins–the kind you’d get at a Disney park–and thought, “Wow!” When I saw they were, in fact, buttons, I felt some disappointment.

    BUT, the packaging with the puzzle box does turn it all into a fun item. And it’s free, after all.
    My favorite award so far has definitely been the statuette and the coin box it came in.

  8. Personally I feel a little cheated by Nintendo. Last year I got a small figurine. Yeah, that might be cool, but I don’t have much use for it…but these pins would be AMAZING to have; it might just be because of my love for pins since playing the game “The World Ends With You” but still.

  9. So far I still feel that year after year Japan’s Club.Nintendo rewards have been WAY more awesome than those here in the states.

  10. @ Mr.Shannon:
    Yes, you’re right. They tend to get stuff like exclusive soundtrack’s and controllers. In fact, the closest we’ve come to that is just recently with the Ocarina of Time Soundtrack. They should do more things like that.

  11. This years award is serious weak sauce. I feel the opposite way of Hrothgarfunkel, the set of buttons is not even close to as nice as the last 2 years. Obviously some people are into them though, to each his own.

  12. I will seriously, happily, and seriously, trade my pins for last year’s statue.

    I wasn’t able to reach platinum last year, and have regretted ever since – especially now, as I think the pins pale in awesomeness to the statue.

    Again, honestly, if you want to trade me your statue for my pins, let me know. I’ll be checking this thread heavily.

  13. Is there still time to up your coin count to platinum? Or has the deadline for that passed?

  14. @Kaherka:

    The deadline’s passed: Each Club Nintendo year for earning points runs from July 1 to June 30. *Then* they announce what the awards are. See, they want you to buy games and fill out surveys *before* you know what the payoff is.

    Crafty, they are!

  15. Ah well. I do have a ton of unregistered games, but I assumed I couldn’t hit the platinum level so I’m saving them for next year. That’s how I reached platinum last year, by registering two years worth of game buying at once.

  16. @nick
    I loved the statue last year, and wished I hit platinum to get it. But, if I had it, it would be sitting on my desk at work, or in our house next to my Hanafuda card box.
    With the buttons, I can have one on the cubicle wall at work, put one on the sweater I keep at work (our office is cold most of the time in the winter!) My wife can put one in her office, or on her purse etc.
    It is more Old school Nintendo Love to represent out there! plus I look at them as little individual pieces of 8 bit art.

    If I had reached platinum the first year, I would have picked the doc louis game (I’m a grown man in my 30’s, I don’t have use for a mario hat!)

    But, frankly, as much as I like the buttons, I will still miss looking at my Nintendo calendar on my desk at work next year. For two years, I have gotten to admire some great artwork when checking the date!

  17. Just Gold status for me this year, so calendar it is. The pins don’t really do much for me anyways. Was still hoping for some Zelda item, though, since it’s the 25th anniversary 🙁

  18. @wrackune
    I’d gladly trade for last years statue if you’re really interested. I’d rather show off my nerdiness in public than have some trophy on my shelf at home anyway.

  19. 😀 maybe the pins are punishment for us raggin’ on the 3DS all the time~

    OH WELL i still ordered them i think they’re cute~

  20. @Hrothgarfunkel
    I hear you, it’s cool that you are into them. It seems like you and I want something different from the Club N stuff. I’m looking for novelty items, things I wouldn’t go into a store and buy, a somewhat unique item. I picked up a sensu fan this year. I have zero practical use for this fan, and if I saw it in a store, I wouldn’t pay money for it. However, since I buy Nintendo games, this program lets me collect these types of things. These pins don’t do it for me, they seem like something that would be in a bin at the Nintendo World store for a few dollars each.

    This doesn’t make me right and you wrong, we’re just interested in different stuff. It sounds like you will enjoy the pins, I was just looking for something different.

  21. I am gold but I certainly wouldn’t be turning down some pins.

    I wish we could get the good stuff, like that Super Famicom Wii controller, but I remember reading some interview where a Nintendo exec (maybe Reggie) was complaining about how expensive Club Nintendo is in America, so if anything, I expect these rewards to get cheaper over time.

  22. I will be getting both….if I can find the right price on ebay that is.

  23. @exposicion

    Sweet! How would you want to do this? Of course, it would have to be after I get my pin set sent to me.

  24. Have never done the whole Club Nintendo thing before but I registered everything I could this past year and reached elite. I’m a bit disappointed, but, whatever. I’m sure I can make some use of the buttons, even if it’s just to wear a couple at work to amuse the Mario-obsessed 1st grader I’ll be working with.

    It would sort of be cool if the elite folk got the calender and the elite gift, I mean, it’s a calendar.

    Randomly, a pin (button) set based on the The World Ends With You pins would be really cool. I’d be all over those.

  25. ugh.. pins? worst CN gift ever…

  26. Got the Mario hat two years ago and loved it. My kids dressed as Mario and Luigi for Halloween last year. They still play with the hat.

    Totally forgot about the club last year and eneded up with like 24 points total.

    Back to Platinum this year as I registered both my 3DS and DSiXL. Picked the pins. Think they might be pretty useless as opposed to the calendar, but the calendar has a set ‘fresh’ period before it is out-of-date. The pins can be brought out for years and years after I get them and still look cute.

  27. @wrackune
    I could give you my email and we could continue talking that way?

  28. Sure thing, my email is, see you there.

  29. The pins are great for display. I won’t be taking them out of their packaging (unlike the figurine from last year). Remember guys, this is somethin we get for FREE… along with whatever we decide to buy with our 600 coins in our account. I ordered mine and have started to get coins for the now current year (I’m at 150 just from surveys so that should rise in the next couple of months).

  30. The copyright notice on the face of each pin is terrible. They were apparently too cheap to have that printed on the other side. How lame.

  31. i have got the calendar two years ina row! thank god i get the platinum,. the pins look cool and there are tons of em!

  32. @exposicion

    You still up for trading? Did you see my earlier post with my email?

  33. Surprised about all the pin hate. As decorative items, I like them better than the statue or hat the Club Nintendo previously handed out. Probably would’ve preferred a soundtrack or controller or something… but still happy with this free give-away.

    However, the coin box that last year’s statue came in was pretty awesome. Why doesn’t Nintendo let us just buy those boxes? I’d love to get a set of brick/coin blocks, and they could mail them out cheap if they were left flat and folded by the recipient.

  34. I wonder when they will come…. hopefully soon

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