2012 Club Nintendo Platimum and Gold Prizes revealed

2012 Club Nintendo Platimum and Gold Prizes revealed

NoA has released the 2012 prizes for those that have achieved the elite Gold and Platinum status.  Although they are not yet redeemable on the Club Nintendo web site, members have begun to receive emails revealing the awards.

For those lucky gamers that earned 600 coins, there are two choices this year.  the firs is a set of three awesome posters featuring Zelda, Luigi, and Pit.  Each poster (shown above) is very nice and will be a great addition to any game room!  The second option is a set of Mario themed playing cards.

Both cards and posters have been offered before as standard prizes, however these seem to be quite an upgrade from the standard fare.

The gold prizes, awarded to those that earn 300 coins, feature a calendar.  Of course, the calendar seems to be the staple gold prize, but this year it might include Wii U artwork and feature some of the newer titles such as Nintendo Land.  If you achieved platinum status, and don’t like the posters or cards, you can also choose the calendar.

If you don’t like any of the above prizes, a new feature is that you can ignore the prizes altogether and opt for some digital downloads!  The downloads available are Super Mario Kart and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask from the Wii Virtual Console, Metroid II: Return of Samus from the 3DS Virtual Console and Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! from DSiWare (3DS only.)   Of course, if you decide to download one of these classics, you only get to choose one.

The rewards are not too shabby for doing something we love to do anyway.  The only catch is that you had to have earned your status no later that June 30th, 2012.  If you just missed it, now is the perfect time to start for next year!

Although these prizes are pretty cool (I would probably go for the playing cards, my wife wouldn’t be too happy if I hung a Luigi poster in the bedroom), I would rather see something that is better utilized.  The Downloads are a good start, but what about a limited edition controller, OST’s, Autographed games, or even a Reggie bobblehead?  Japan seems to get some pretty awesome prizes, why can’t we?  Maybe they should add a Diamond level for someone that earns 1000 coins, or more, and rewards their dedication with something that they can really show off.  I would even be happy with one of these polo shirts that were exclusive to Japan.

What are your thoughts on the prizes?


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