Club Nintendo Issues Refund To Those That Purchased Super Metroid

club-nintendo-super-metroidDid you rush to spend your coins when you found that Super Metroid was available on Club Nintendo?  Did you experience Metroid-rage when you found out that it would only be $0.30 as part of the Famicon’s 30th Anniversary event?    Never fear, Nintendo realizes that they made a mistake and has sent Samus in to make things right!

Here is Nintendo’s message to their members:

Dear Club Nintendo Member,

Thank you for your recent order of Super Metroid from Club Nintendo. We’re sending this notification to let you know this title will be available from the Nintendo eShop for Wii U for 30 cents, as part of a special promotion starting on May 15.

Because you are a Wii U owner, we have refunded the 150 Coins you redeemed for Super Metroid. You may still use the code you received to download the game for free to play on Wii or Wii U. We hope you enjoy your game, and visit Club Nintendo again soon.

Have you received the message from Nintendo?

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