Capcom opens We Love Golf costume poll

kengolf.jpgCapcom opened a poll Thursday for fans to vote on two more costume additions to its upcoming Wii exclusive, We Love Golf.

Developed by Camelot, We Love Golf features the costumes of popular Capcom mascots as alternate outfits for the game’s ten characters. In an effort to boost the appeal of the title for North American and European audiences, Camelot is adding two more characters and asking fans to vote on their alternate costumes.

Choices include Ken from the Street Fighter series, Ashley Graham from Resident Evil 4, Frank West from Dead Rising and more. Head to the Capcom-Unity blogs for more information and to cast a vote.

As Infendo reported Thursday, Capcom revealed in its latest and otherwise positive financial statement that We Love Golf has had “sluggish growth” since being released in Japan last December.