Bubble Bobble Revolution boss calls in sick

If a terrible game stopped working at level 30, thereby stranding players in a level limbo, barring them from reaching the remaining 70 levels no matter what they tried, would anybody care?

You tell me. In what is surely one of the biggest gaming gaffs ever by a developer, the boss from level 30 of Taito’s Bubble Bobble Revolution calls it in instead of showing up to do battle with the player, leaving the hapless hero stuck. This defect is present in every cartridge Taito shipped to North America

Said Taito: “We have already started the process whereby a corrected version is to be manufactured and will ensure that all customers have their copies replaced. Unfortunately this will take 8-10 weeks (simply because of the time required to manufacture new carts). We will update you with what you will need to do to get a replacement game, as soon as this has been determined.”

Hmm, I think that in 8-10 weeks I’ll be too busy with something else to care (to care even less than I do right now).