Quick Hits: Rayman Wii exclusive; Wii load times

A couple of quick Wii-related news bites worth mentioning this morning:

Ubisoft has confirmed that Rayman Wii will have temporary exclusivity until May 2007. The studio has confirmed that the Wii version of the game is it’s main focus, with ports only being developed when the Wii version has been completed. Rayman Raving Rabbids launches alongside the Wii later this year. In my opinion the Wii version looks to be impossible to play on another system, so I very much doubt PS3 or 360 will be getting the same game.

And, in addition to some comments on the newly implemented 1:1 sword fighting freehand control scheme that was inserted into Red Steel following a lackluster E3 performance, Ubisoft also disclosed that load times for the the Wii (at least with their games) will be better than or comparable to the load times of the GameCube. If anyone remembers the GameCube (you should, it’s not dead yet!), then you know load times weren’t that much of an issue compared to, say, a PS2.