Can’t Put the DS Down

Monty Phan from the Star Tribune can’t put his DS down.

“This is how I tell the difference between the PlayStation Portable and its rival handheld game machine, the Nintendo DS: I haven’t picked up my PSP in months, while lately I haven’t been able to put down my DS.”

There are so many good games right now for the DS, and there’s a lot more on the way. Be on the lookout for Mario Kart DS and the soon to come wi-fi. Ba,da,da,da, daaa…I’m lovin’ it.

[Source: Star Tribune]


  1. I can’t put Advanced Wars down. Whenever I get the chance I play it. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone else with Dual Strike, I’ve really been wanting to battle someone in person. Really exciting times for DS owners. Speaking of which, I hope they come out with a Nintendo Online version of Advanced Wars in the future.

  2. mcdonalds is nasty and should not be used in the same paragraph as anything good related

    and robotplague … as far as i’m aware… other DSer’s don’t have to have the game if you want to play multiplayer with them… only one gamer needs the game for it to work on multiple systems… you just have to be somewhat close to eachother… 30-100 feet or somethin…

  3. I haven’t played with my DS for a week now….but that’s just because my RL is getting in the way and there are no games that are as good as AW:DS…
    I’m looking forward to Meteos ! Less than 2 weeks YAY !

  4. It’s too bad the worldwide wi-fi hasn’t hit sooner.. otherwise I’d take up that Advance Wars challenge. (and yes, I know that AW is not enabled for that, but could have been if the network was up at the time of its release).

    Undoubtedly a slow start with the DS, but it’s really looking to be more of a marathon runner than sprinter (PSP!) … but who cares, I just picked up mine in May when the thing was starting to get hot anyway.

    I wish I could say my system’s future hinged on one game’s succcess (GTA:LCS), but then I’d have a glorified Atari Lynx. And yes, I’d have to agree that the McDonald’s slogan was a poor decision. Kidding.

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