How Nintendo Revolution Works

Vlad at Joystiq has found a nice dig on How Nintendo Revolution Works over at the always useful How Stuff Works website. If you’re a little behind on Revolution news, this should bring you up to speed in a comprehensive way. The article compiles information from IGN and ARS Technica that touches on subjects like how the controller works, the expected graphical power, and a system comparison to the GameCube.

Other than playable games, what other Revolution info are you most looking forward to?

[Source: How Stuff Works]


  1. i’d like to know if you can connect two nearby revolutions, say you and your neighbor’s, without the need for an internet connection. Something like a local LAN with a reasonable range.

  2. I wanna know what the rest of the news is. I know they won’t release the specs, the games r coming next year, but i get the feeling there’s something else. Maybe a big game announcement or (TOTAL DESIRE AHEAD) news that the new way to view movies Spielberg patented is compatible with the Revolution. Miyamoto said that he wants games to move beyond the limits of a tv and encompass an entire room, now let’s do it!(END TRANSMISSION)

  3. Now that you mention it, I think that a wireless LAN is VERY VERY likely. That would line up with them mentioning multiplayer with only one copy of the game. This could expand Mario Kart to 8 players… as well as any shooter. Other than that, the LAN would be pointless. Of course the only way this would work is with multiple TVs, but it sounds pretty perfect for college…

  4. I want the specs. Not that I give a damn about the specs, I just want everyone to shut up about the specs.

  5. my post from joystiq:

    Uh… can someone here fact check this thing? There were some things that just didn’t sound right to me:

    * Drumstick and Flyswatter demo. The HowStuffWorks article lumped these “demos” in with the point and shoot, fishing, and airplane demos. However, the drumstick and flyswatter wasn’t a demo at all, but merely from the teaser video.

    * 6-7 Cores of the 360 and PS3. Are there really that many? I’m probably mistaken but I thought the 360 only had 3, and the PS3 I don’t know about.

    * Detailed specs. How sure are they of all these? They list clockspeeds, RAM, makers, all sorts of stuff. Do they really know? Last I heard Nintendo wasn’t actually going to release the specs of the Nintendo. Wouldn’t these count as “specs”?

    * “Projected price of $199”. Nintendo hasn’t said anything about the price yet. This is misleading as “projected” means the guess of a bunch of fanboys. The last few Nintendo systems have launched at that point, yes, and Nintendo has said it wants to be affordable, but it seems this makes it sound a little more set in stone than it actually is.

    * Gyroscopes! We have no idea how the controller works, right. In fact, I feel like I remember reading somewhere that they’re not actually using them. They partnered with that company back in the day that did 3D mice, but so far there’s no word on how it works for sure.

    All in all, I’m displeased with this article. It sounds to me like rampant speculation but given the appearance of sound research by the words it uses and being on HowStuffWorks. In order to have it up quickly, it seems they were willing to sacrifice quality. Hopefully when the thing actually comes out and they *know* what’s going on in the system, then they’ll be able to update the page or make a new one.

  6. People, have a look at this? A new rumor for a portable add-on screen for the Revolution.

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