Your Nintendo e3 live blog is right here!


900: Sitting here in the Nokia theater waiting for the conference to begin.

905: Zelda is on screen!

907: Holy cow there is a full orchestra on stage!

910: Miyamoto is on stage talking Zelda.

912: Talking Zelda music.

912: Skyward Sword gameplay looks amazing by the way.

912: The orchestra is playing all the Zelda sound effects like open a treasure chest….it sounds amazing. Maybe hitting at a full orchestral soundtrack.

913: Miyamoto gets an item!

914: Link’s Awaking available for download today for eshop!

915: Talking Zelda 3DS.

916: Zelda four swords will be a free download later this year for eshop! How awesome is that!

916: Golden Wii remote will launch with Zelda Skyward Sword.

916: Miyamoto has gotten ‘stronger’ by playing Zelda. *Flexes muscles*

918: Ocarina of time soundtrack available from Club Nintendo later this year

920: Creators of the Zelda series take stage……for a second or two

921: And that ends the Zelda talk… comes Satoru Iwata

922: Here comes Cafe talk!

922: He says Cafe will bring a “deeper” and “wider” experience for gamers

924: what a tease! he says Cafe will be revealed later this morning

926: Star Fox and Mario Kart 3DS!

926: Mario 3DS! Tanooki Suit confirmed! Luigi’s Mansion will also make it’s return for 3DS!

927: Here come Reggie!

928: 3DS games incoming.

929: Mario Kart 3DS looks pretty sweet. Will have hang glider and underwater karting.

930: Mario Kart incoming holiday 2011.

930: Star Fox time.

931: Star Fox will feature video chat for multiplayer, kinda neat! You can tilt the system to control the ship.

932: Star Fox will be in stores this September.

932: Mario time.

932: Mario looks stealer! Features goomba’s with tails!

934: Mario will be available this year….sometime.

934: Kid Icarus time.

935: The visuals on the game look like some of the best we have seen thus far on the 3DS.

935: The game will feature multiplayer of some sort.

936: 3v3 multiplayer action will be playable today and will be available, yeah you guessed it….later this year.

937: Luigi’s Mansion 2 time.

937: Gameplay looks very similar to the Gamecube title, but that’s not a bad thing!

938: Will feature several mansions to explore.

939: Third party 3DS games time.

940: Paper Mario, Ace Combat, Tekken, Tetris, Cave Story all shown

940: 3DS update will bring with it trailers for upcoming games.

942: Pokemon 3DS Pokedex shown.

943: I just have to point out that Reggie is a tall glass of water.

945: Wii U announced…what is it?

946: Wii U is the name for Project Cafe

946: Controller for the system shown, looks like an ipad with buttons on it.

948: I can’t type I’m so amazed by the thing!

950: will feature AR games like we have never seen before.

951: Use the screen to view the golf ball, then use the Wii remote to stand over the screen and hit it!

951: Zelda shown. Along with a bunch of Mii style games.

951: Will feature rumble, microphone, speakers, accelerometers, rear and front facing cameras.

953: Excuse me while I pick up my blown mind off the stadium seating.

954: Choose your pitch in baseball by moving the screen and aiming at the TV.

954: Controller will feature video chat.

956: The Wii U controller looks really slick.

957: Smash Bros. incoming for Wii U…..and 3DS developed by Masahiro Sakurai! That is the only news I needed to hear.

958: Wii U in action, visuals look pretty good. A magic bird just made the flowers bloom.

1000: New Super Mario Bros. Mii for Wii U uses your Mii character in the Mario world.

1002: Lego City Stories is a thing for Wii U and 3DS.

1003: Developers talking about how awesome Wii U controller is.

1004: Wii U can stream full games.

1005: Assassin’s Creed, Batman Arkham City, Darksiders 2 incoming for Wii U

1006: Dirt, Aliens, Ghost R econ Online all shown.

1008: Ninja Gaiden 3!

1009: Graphics are definitely on par if not better than Xbox 360 and PS3.

1010: EA will be joining Nintendo with john riccitiello on stage.

1011: I think I just saw Mass Effect….oh my goodness.

1011: Battlefield Wii U!

1011: Not sure if everything shown is appearing on the console, but all the major EA games are being shown in slideshow form.

1111: Reggie talking Nintendo innovation with 4 platforms, DS Wii, 3DS, and Wii U.

1114: Nintendo conference is over it looks like. Time to get a hands on with everthing. Thanks for keeping up with us at Infendo. Expect more later today!

Eugene lives in New Mexico and has been a life long gamer since getting his hands on an NES. Always partial to Nintendo, Eugene has made it a point to keep informed on all things Mario.