Blok Drop U creator RCMADIAX reveals Poker Dice Solitaire Future for Wii U


rcmadiax_1280x720_blackOne-man development team RCMADIAX as unveiled one of three “Tabletop Gallery” games heading for Wii U this summer: Poker Dice Solitaire Future. According to RCMADIAX:

“In this game, you must roll the dice to create your best poker-style hand. Winnings chips are assigned to the corresponding hand and points are awarded based on difficulty of hand played. Bonuses are given when the player has a collection of the same color chips within a given hand. Penalties are also handed out when you fail to complete an available hand. This title has fantastic replay value and is great to play off-screen while the TV is occupied.”


Poker Dice Solitaire Future is set to release in the US sometime in July. It’s one of three card/casino/dice style games that will be released individually in the US and collectively as “Tabletop Gallery” in Europe. The US pricing for Poker Dice Solitaire Future will be an affordable $1.99, while the European price point is yet to be determined.

RCMADIAX has already released Blok Drop U for Wii U, and Super Robo Mouse is on its way to the system as well.

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