Blake on the E3 show floor

Here’s what Blake has to say from the E3 show floor:  Wii kiosks aren’t a hot item, as usual. Meanwhile, Xbox and Playstation booths are packed with long lines. The gaming divide continues. (Playing some fun Wii games though!)

What do you guys want Blake, Will, or Sean to check out on the E3 show floor?


  1. check out the NEw Super Mario Bros Wii game and post your thoughts up about it!!!!! Please!!!

  2. what matt said

    anything on the conduit!?

  3. I’d like Blake back on the podcast.

  4. New Super Mario, Monkey Island, TMNT, The Conduit…

  5. Can you tell us about the new metroid and how wii motionplus feels?
    I’d also like to know how Mario Galaxy 2 is…..

  6. Motion Plus. Is it as good as they say?
    Also, Disc Golf on the Tiger Woods game.

  7. I know this is a Nintendo based site but I would like to know what games you thought were the best to play regardless of platform or developer.
    I would like to know about Super Mario Brothers Wii, try to find Miyamoto and ask him why they aren’t coming out with a new Zelda? I mean come on, it has been around three years since TP. I would also like to know how Project Natal and PS Eye new motion control compare to Wii motion controls. I would like to know about The Conduit and the TMNT game and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

  8. Go check out Wii Sports Resort. I’m interested in the other games, like cycling, wakeboarding and Air Sports.

  9. Anything on Infinite Space (or whatever it is called now)? I haven’t heard anything for a while.

  10. I’ve been following Jeff Gertsmann on twitter. Apparently a Zelda was discussed tonight but just drawings, no screenshots.

  11. Are there even PS3 or Xbox 360 games to actually, you know, play? All I saw today and yesterday were rendered videos that won’t see the light of day. Kind of like Killzone at E3 2007/2008.

    Sounds like people are waiting in line to watch demoes. Lame.

  12. There are a lot of playable 360/PS3 games but most of them are the same on both platforms. EAs booth was pretty busy with all the incarnations of Need for Speed. I actually enjoy Nitro more than Shift. it was really fun. Drifting was super easy and you can control with or without the nunchuck, or with the wii wheel if you want. I didn’t get major time in Nintendos booth as I’m hitting it hard tomorrow, but I saw some great looking games on the 360 and PS3. There were a lot of people playing section 8. It was a pretty generic looking FPS but looked like it had pretty solid multiplayer. The two that I was most impressed with were Bayonetta and an Activision game whose name escapes me now. It was playable and it looked like a little like Two Human only in a Four Horseman of the Apocolypse setting. the guy had a huge sword and a big slow shooting gun. It looked really good.
    Also, the Red Steel 2 demo was pretty neat. The graphics were impressive. There was a boss battle where you fight a guy with a huge hammer, looked lust like the main guy from Project hammer.

  13. @ Robin:

    Ever heard of a game called Zelda: Spirit Trackers?

  14. ^ Spirit Tracks.

  15. I’ll be posting a majority of hands on tomorrow guys!

  16. Sweet! More games for me.

    Maybe I can speed run the place and play everything Nintendo has to offer in one day.

    I can’t wait till Thurs.

  17. Is that Crecente standing behind Blake??

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