Augmented 3DS games leaked onto Internet

Wired claims to have the scoop on at least six pre-loaded AR games for 3DS, none of which look terribly exciting. In fact, the two AR games I played last month were downright forgettable. This isn’t to say a few AR games won’t be any good. But these things are as about as “killer-app” to the 3DS as “Picto Chat” was to its predecessor, if you know what I’m sayin’.

Thanks, bananaoomarang.


  1. But that miniature golf one sounds so cool! The fact that it uses the world around you as the terrain is quite fascinating. And the Star Pics imply to me that there will be collectable AR cards. Many more games are to come!

  2. HEY! My daughters loooove Pictochat! In fact, it is one of the most used apps in their DS’es!

  3. I quite like the look of graffiti, and perhaps the games you’ve already played actually have been fleshed out a little, Ar’s got some awesome potential so I guess these should be a showcase for what it CAN do. I’ll wait for pokemon snap AR.

  4. Don’t count AR out. If Nintendo supports this with a steady release of new cards, this is going to be pretty big, at least with the casual crowd.

  5. Streex, the cards are irrelevant. What matters is the software in this case. What I mean is that the game doesn’t come with the card; the card is only a visual reference for the camera in order to deploy the AR graphics. New games would need to be purchased by either the eShop or retail games and they can use the old cards just as well, or new ones with different designs. You can use the same ? block card for different games since it’s only a reference.

  6. I’m looking forward to playing these AR games, they sound like they are fun. Hopefully we will see more of it as the 3DS life goes on.

  7. Ok Artefacto. That makes sense. Either way, I think to get gamers more involved they should put new cards out with new designs that reflect the game they will be used for. Possibly a code attached to the card that you can take online and download the game to be used with the card. Just seems kind of lame to buy a bunch of games that use one card.

  8. I was reading all of the specs of the games on wired, and the fishing game looks pretty cool. I guess the graphics are excellent and the control of the rod is as well.

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