AR games

Watch Derek show off 3DS AR games

[youtube][/youtube] When he’s not co-hosting the podcast or writing witty columns for Infendo, Derek makes a living as a YouTube vlogger. And if you haven’t seen all the AR Games including with the 3DS, you need to watch his smile-inducing sample of ’em all. See also: Part 2 Part 3

Augmented 3DS games leaked onto Internet

Wired claims to have the scoop on at least six pre-loaded AR games for 3DS, none of which look terribly exciting. In fact, the two AR games I played last month were downright forgettable. This isn’t to say a few AR games won’t be any good. But these things are as about as “killer-app” to the 3DS as “Picto Chat” was to its predecessor, if you know what I’m ...