Apple Announces Pokemon Yellow Was a Fake

iPhone users and Pokemon fans alike were excited to see the launch of Pokemon Yellow for the iOs.  It was so popular that in just two days it soared to number two on the paid app charts!  At the low price of $0.99 US it was a steal!  The problem, though, is that it is a fake.

The game was developed by House of Anime and described as “just like the original”.  Once the app was installed it quickly crashed in most cases.  For those that were actually able to launch the app they found that it was basically a news feed and linked to Youtube videos.  Obviously, this is nothing like the original.

Neither APPLE or Nintendo have commented on the app, however I would speculate that Nintendo has a polished team of lawyers ready to pounce.

Did you fall for the scam, if so what was your experience?  Have you ever bought an app that was not what was described, what app and what did it do?


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