An open letter to Nintendo regarding Sony PlayStation Home

Dear Nintendo,

Hi. Jack Here. How are you? I’m feeling pretty super myself.

Quick little thing. I know how you and online don’t exactly see eye-to-eye right now. And Friend Codes. *whistle* Yeah, Friend Codes. Don’t get me started on those. I tried entering all the people I know into my system for Mario Kart Wii the other day and my TV literally walked out on me. Said “enough is enough” after four or five hours of me pointing at it with the Wiimote and plum went down the street for a beer. I can’t blame her; my wrist’s still in traction, and I’m typing this one-handed.

But anyway. Do one little thing for me if you’re working on your online stuff today or over the holiday. Make sure it never, ever, looks anything like Sony PlayStation Home.

Seriously, I think Sony lost a bet with someone or something.


Jack Loftus
Senior Editor