Nintendo closes in on Sony in market share cap

Nintendo market shareThe rest of the Infendo staff had their fun today with contest winners and near-perfect Zelda Famitsu scores and Tesla coils — but not me. I’m into numbers and net worth and things with commas separating tens, hundreds and thousands. So when I heard about what Nintendo accomplished today, I nearly fell over and hit my head on the solid mahogany desk that all Infendo writers get for their efforts (Snow pays us with things that have leaves. Don’t ask). The news? That Nintendo nearly matched Sony (all of it) in market worth.

Who cares you say? Bring us more on Phantom Hourglass and the rest of Nintendo’s killer IP that’s sure to drop at E3? In due time, my Wendy’s eating, console winning brethren, but for now know those games are exactly the point! Nintendo makes one thing: video games. Sony, and the other company in the top three, Matsushita (maker of Panasonic), make a slew of products. Sony even sells insurance, if you can believe that.

Rumas, over at 4cr, where I found this gem, says he can’t wait until the Interbrand Top 100 comes out, and what that list could mean for Nintendo. I’m with him in that I’m pretty excited about where Nintendo might fall on that list, but I’ll add that regardless of their placement, the Big N is, well, pretty big again.