After ten years, does Kirby 64 hold up?

Sunday’s release of Kirby’s Epic Yarn will bring us the Pink Guy’s first console platformer in a decade! With the new adventure just four days away, this is a great time to revisit Kirby 64, a game that still proves speed isn’t everything.

Kirby’s in no hurry to save the world as he waddles slowly and happily through this N64 2.5D platform quest. He even has time for picnic breaks. Yet the game holds up well: Its unique storybook style looks terrific, while Kirby’s ability to combine two enemy powers into an entirely new form provides variety, humor and replay value. It’s not the most difficult game in the world, but getting through requires strategy and timing. Some of the boss battles are ingenious: I still love the bit where the artist’s doodles pounce off an easel.

What do you think of this classic? Worth the $10 asking price from the VC shop?