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Mother 3

Many Nintendo fans were delighted this week when Nintendo announced during their latest Nintendo Direct that Earthbound is destined for the Virtual Console on the Wii U later this year.  I was glad to see this game make its way to the states in a much more accessible manner than it exists currently.

After this news had fans of the game salivating in anticipation, the Mother 3 Fan Translation Team made an announcement of their own.  This self-named team had produced a fan translation patch a few years ago for Mother 3, a game that had only been released in Japan on the Game Boy Advance.  This game is the third in the series and a sequel to Earthbound, although it features a brand new set of characters that are not related to the Earthbound cast.

The Mother 3 Fan Translation Team’s announcement was that Nintendo could use the script they had produced for their translation of the game.  This of course hinges on the fact that Nintendo would actually plan to release the game in the U.S.  As of yet, there is no indication from Nintendo that they plan to release Mother 3 (Earthbound 2) in the Americas.  The team also offered their translation free of charge.  They did this in attempt to help Nintendo remove any roadblocks from providing this game to a brand new audience.  There is a clip below that features a small portion of the translation that they created for the game.

While a fan translation does not guarantee quality to any degree, it does show the devotion of fans to help bring this game to gamers that otherwise would not be able to experience it.  Hopefully Nintendo recognizes that, just as there is an audience for Earthbound, there would be an audience for this game as well.  The ball is in Nintendo’s court at this point, so to speak.

I have not been able to play this game personally, but I would definitely like the opportunity.  What are your thoughts on Mother 3?  Would you like to see this game come to the U.S.?


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  1. Mattiac says:

    Tomato (fan translator of Mother 3) is a professional translator that translated some games for Nintendo officially. The quality is the best there is!

  2. Mattiac says:

    PS. I want Mother 1, 2, 3 and 64 (the canceled 3D-version) here in Europe!

  3. I definitely wasn’t knocking their efforts in translating the game, I was just referring to the fact that just because they translated it doesn’t mean it would be exactly what Nintendo was looking for. I like what little I have seen so far. 🙂

  4. corey geller says:

    Earthbound 2 was a big part of my childhood I want a remake. And square Enix get off your asses and give me my final fantasy 7 remake.

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