A case for cases – Waterfield Designs and Power A cases for 3DS

Despite being on the market for over a month, we actually get more press releases at Infendo about 3DS cases than we do for new games. Here we present a view of two different cases, one for executives and another for the style conscious.

First up is the officially licensed Executive 3DS Case by Power A. Nicely manufactured, this case features faux leather and would look handsome next to your briefcase. It easily fits in your suit coat pocket and can carry two games plus a spare stylus. The illusion of feeling like a boss wears off, however, when you rip open its sizable Velcro closure. This case benefits from ample padding and a very smooth interior.

The Waterfield Designs 3DS Case is a beautiful fit along side a messenger bag or sitting near your iPad. This case is not only stylish, but it is handmade in San Francisco, built from real leather, and features storage for three games including a zippered pouch that can hold your AR Cards, stylus, power adapter, stylus, etc. The case is held shut with two snaps and there’s a small nylon loop that is inexplicably convenient. Size-wise, it equals the Power A case.

Both cases are worth their price tags, despite the Waterfield costing double the Power A case, but at the end of the day, I would pick the Waterfield case for its looks and extra storage.

[Review based on products provided by GamingZap and Waterfield Designs]