Nintendo Direct: Brain Age is getting the 3DS treatment

Along with Nintendogs, Brain Age: Train your Brain in Minutes a Day! was one of the reasons that the Nintendo DS really took off not just with traditional gamers, but with the more casual players as well. It was because of these two games that the DS was in the hands of grandmas and grandchildren alike. It has been six years since the original Brain Age was released, and in today’s Nintendo Direct video Satoru Iwata announced that a Brain Age for the Nintendo 3DS is in development.

Aside from saying that the game would be coming sometime this year, Nintendo did not provide many more details about the game. Iwata did say that the game would have a new spin on the series with the Oni Tori or Demon Training mode. One of the aims of the game is to improve on the players working memory and concentration. “Since we now rely so much on our various electronic devices,” says Iwata, “we might have stopped using our brains so much, or lost our restraint, our ability to control ourselves and be patient.”

At this point it is uncertain whether Brain Age 3DS will be a full retail game, or downloadable via the eShop. I am personally hoping for the latter as the Brain Age games seem better suited for the eShop platform, as they tend to be on the shorter side.

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