Brain Age

Nintendo Direct: Brain Age is getting the 3DS treatment

Along with Nintendogs, Brain Age: Train your Brain in Minutes a Day! was one of the reasons that the Nintendo DS really took off not just with traditional gamers, but with the more casual players as well. It was because of these two games that the DS was in the hands of grandmas and grandchildren alike. It has been six years since the original Brain Age was released, and in today’s Nintendo Direct...

Patrick Stewart shills for Brain Age 2

Posting this for no other reason than I love Patrick Stewart (ST:TNG, Extras, whatever).

Brain Age’s Dr. Kawashima dislikes money, games

Turns out the real Dr. Kawashima from the Brain Age games doesn’t care for money, video games, and possibly even his own family: Ryuta Kawashima, the scientist behind the smash-hit “brain training” games on Nintendo DS portable consoles, turned down the chance to become a millionaire, saying he’d rather work for a living.