1/5 New Things That Will Blow Your Mind

“When it comes to video-game controllers, Nintendo has always been an innovator. Back when Atari and its one-button joystick ruled, Nintendo devised a two-button controller with a directional thumb pad. Then came action-sensitive vibration, wireless connectivity and an analog stick for 360? steering. Now the company hopes to shake things up with a wireless controller for next year’s Revolution console that will allow players to apply real-world physical experience to games. The one-handed grip has motion and position sensors, so if you’re playing a Ping-Pong game, you just flick the controller like a paddle. Or, to shoot, take aim and tap a button. For more elaborate games, a second piece with analog stick and two triggers (for that extra itchy finger) can be connected.”

Here’s hoping for Nintendo’s sake, and gamers around the world, that Time is right.

[Source: Time]