Nintendo Wifi Site Almost Up

If you attempt to check out today, you may get a world map asking for your region or a page displaying the wifi titles. It seems Nintendo almost has it ready for when it’s supposed to go up, which is tomorrow.

There are some details you can find if you refresh the splash page over and over again, such as news of a system where you link your Wifi ID for special features like showing off your custom decal to the rest of the world through the site. Of course it’s also used to show you your progress and world ranking. There’s also a FAQ on the service.

This is pretty exciting that we get to toy around with the WFC just before the games are out. The future is upon us.

[Thanks Kratos, Source: Nintendo]


  1. I’m in! I hope everyone’s doin this! Gonna peruse the site.

  2. I want to be the first Italian guy to be on the Nintendo Wi Fi connection site…
    I’m already registred but ’til the early morning here in Italy the site is goin up and down
    maybe it’s only testing, maybe not
    infact MKDS will only be out on 14th of November

  3. its not workin for me 🙁

  4. i don’t see any difference!
    only the Nintendo wifi logo and a “go to” button.

    never ask me about where i live or anything else.

  5. I don’t want to sound pretentious or anything but it feels like the dawn of a new era for Nintendo and Nintendo-philes.

    From an originally sceptical Nintendo to now FREE online access.
    As the old saying goes: “The best things in life are free”.

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