Zelda: Twilight Princess intro and first village walk thru

Remember that big grain of salt I took over the weekend? I’m taking another one. A bigger one. Think Sony’s ego. Why? Because there’s some significant news regarding a BETA TESTER and his experiences in the first area of Twilight Princess floating around today. The description he provides deals mainly with how Link trains for the outside world and gains the skills needed to fight his way through Hyrule and beyond. It’s rumor-filled and lacks a definitive source for verification, but it’s also very detailed in the information it provides about this highly anticipated Wii/GC title.

From the post (via the handle “cartoonsmart”): “After the mandatory training courses, were you will learn the play mechanics for horseback riding, whistling with various grass sprites and fighting, you’re ready to obtain you’re first weapon. Apparently the people in Toara village believe Link’s ride to Hyrule might be a dangerous one so they train him in sword combat and ultimately supply him with a sword.”

We’ve all seen the demos that tell this story already, but there are also nuggests of info on the Twilight Realm, becoming a wolf, and the immense world map (hours and hours to explore the woods, for example). With the amount of hype surrounding this game right now, I could care less if this is true or not, but the original poster defends himself from the haters pretty well in subsequent posts, so who knows.