Zelda: Twilight Princess Details March 16th

Kevin over at the Revolution Lifestyle has posted a preview of the UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine. The article claims that “huge Zelda update[s]” are on the way, including “new screens and [game] details.” But what could it be? Oh, what could it be?

Any guesses from you savvy readers?


  1. Cannot wait.

  2. Short notice release dates? The DS Lite was released in Japan within about five weeks of the announcement that it is a real piece of hardware. I do like the idea of keeping people on the ‘edge of their seats’ up until the last moment. It keeps the HYPE alive! Just letting us know bits and pieces, here and there, keeps us interested but short notice release dates keep the competition on their toes too! I forecast a release within 3 months of E3-2006. It would be a perfect time to place Zelda between E3 and the launch of the Rev (possible November 06).

  3. Another announcement that Nintendo will later deny i.e. the stand being a power source.

  4. the big announcement?

    i think theyre going to delay the game again. 😉

  5. there will be no new footage / updates about zelda in the magazine.

    Source: http://forum.officialnintendomagazine.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=867

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