Virtual Console Monday – Star Soldier, Dynamite Headdy, and Drop Off

starsoldier.jpgNew releases for the Virtual Console this week:

Star Soldier – NES
The standard for vertically scrolling shooters, Star Soldier is the original game that spawned all of the titles in the long-running Soldier series. Conquer each stage to make your way to the final confrontation with Starbrain.

Dynamite Headdy – Genesis
Headdy, a toy with a detachable head, arrives in North Town to find that the evil puppet king Dark Demon is causing serious problems. Can Headdy overcome all his foes and take down Dark Demon?

Drop Off – TG16
Brave five rounds of haunting, nightmarish dreams in this take on the classic arcade puzzler. You must use your concentration and reflexes to defeat the demon and save your beloved.

Will you bother to download any of these games?