Best Fun-Themed Video Slots on the Circuit Today

Best Fun-Themed Video Slots on the Circuit Today

Video slots are not just all about gambling. The best slots are also fun to play for the sake of the game itself. The fact that you can win money too when you play a game you like is a sort of extra bonus.

There are literally thousands of different video slot games in existence right now across the world, but in order to maximise how often and how much you win, you need to pick video slots that fit both the way you like to play and how much money you have to spend.

What’s your volatility preference?

Video slot games are very different. Some have a tendency to pay out more regularly than others, but have relatively small prize offers, whereas others offer better prize money but don’t pay out quite as often. This difference in the prize rate is what is called “volatility,” and across the broad spectrum of the various games, their volatility is usually split into categories of high, medium and low.

Video slots that fall into the low volatility sector have the advantage of letting you play for longer durations which may mean that you are able to build your bankroll up. On the other side of the coin we have the high volatility slots, and typically you have to wait longer for payouts, but when you do get them, they are usually significantly higher. Medium volatility slots fit somewhere in between.  

If you can find video slots that satisfy your volatility craving and that offer fun themes as well, you will maximise your playing experience. Let’s just take a quick peek at some of the most fun games offered by MrGreen.

Cleopatra Mega-Jackpot – from IGT


If you are more into low volatility games, one of the best of all time is Cleopatra – Mega Jackpot. It comes from the IGT design house. As the name suggests, this is a progressive jackpot game, so the top prize doesn’t pay-out very often. But boy, when it does – it’s absolutely huge.

Cleopatra Mega features five reels and 20 pay-lines. It comes with a cacophony of great sounds and graphics. What attracts so many players to this game is the fact that any spin (including free spins) can win you the game’s life-changing jackpot.   

As well as the super-big prize money on offer, Cleopatra also features various Egyptian characters, columns and hieroglyphics, making it feel as if you’re playing in a temple of a pyramid. It all adds to the fun.

Arrival – from Betsoft

The Arrival video slot isn’t the latest video slot. It’s been around for a while, but it comes with some of the best graphics you’ll ever see. It’s an intergalactic fun-fest with lots of quirky animations and terrific sounds. It’s rated by online gamblers across the world as one of the most enjoyable slots around today.

You can test Arrival out for free, but beware; it’s very addictive and will soon have you playing for money. The good news is that this is a perfect example of a high volatility game, which means that although the prizes are big, they are paid out with pleasing regularity. Helps to keep you hooked.

Gonzo’s Quest – from Net Entertainment

Gonzo’s Quest is probably Net Entertainments most played video slot, ever, and it has gone platinum. It’s a 3D slot themed around the real historical figure of Gonzalo Pizarro, a conquistador on a quest to find Eldorado – the fabled lost city of gold. The video slot game actually begins with a short film to introduce Gonzo.

This game is magical to play. It introduces something called the Avalanche feature whereby symbols drop into position on the reels. A winning line evaporates with a 3D explosion, and the resultant gaps get replaced with new falling symbols. When you get into the extended game phase with the free fall feature, you’ll be treated to a memorable player experience that’s hard to match.

There can be little room for doubt; when it comes to getting maximum fun out of playing his fun-themed video slots, MrGreen has all the answers.




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