Wii, the ‘impulse buy,’ remains sold out

I love Schadenfreude, so I love this bit of stock news from Seeking Alpha. Hint: Wii demand persists into February.

I visited no less than 6 stores on Monday night – EB Games, GameStop, Best Buy and Target. None of them had the Wii in stock. I spoke to one of the employees at GameStop and he told me that they get Wii shipments from time to time, but the units sell within minutes. Talk about demand. He did volunteer that they had plenty of PS3’s stacked up in the back. Don’t forget that while Sony loses money on their consoles which are now starting to collect dust, Nintendo actually makes some money on the console itself. With the video game cycle looking strong this year, I believe it will be a good year for Nintendo – just look at the unit sales numbers for products like DS, DS Lite, Wii, Zelda and soon Mario Bros. If last quarter’s earnings are any indication, this year should be good to Nintendo fans and investors alike. Game on!

Yum. Big stock words and Wii’s sold out everywhere. Feels like today’s going to be a great Friday. Can we stop saying “it’s still too early to tell” yet?